Welcome to Praxno!

Welcome, pals and pundits! Here at Praxno, we weave words with a touch of artistry.

What does Praxno mean?

"Praxno", a flash of creativity, is the offspring of the Greek words "Praxis" and "Gnosis" which, after a Mediterranean cruise, docked in Latin. If, like me, you're no whiz in classical languages, these two little words translate more or less to "Practiced Knowledge". But don't get it twisted; there's a lot more here than just the simple application of knowledge.

The meaning of "Praxis" and "Gnosis"

"Praxis", a Greek term that's been Latinized, suggests practice or action, but it's more than just going through the motions. Did you know it also conveys the process of putting an idea or theory into play? It's the heart of the philosophical loaf, engaging with the world and others; it's about doing, not just pondering.

On the flip side, "Gnosis", its Greek cousin, signifies knowledge, but not just garden-variety knowledge. It's a profound, mystical, spiritual term akin to a tarot reader immersed in deep meditation. Gnosticism, among other religious traditions, uses it to reference that intuitive and profound understanding of spiritual truths.

The semantic cocktail shaker: "Praxis" and "Gnosis"

When you toss "Praxis" and "Gnosis" into the cocktail shaker of semantics, you wind up with "knowledge through practice", a blend with philosophical and mystical undertones. But at Praxno, we serve this cocktail with a twist: art.

Introduction to Praxnoism

"Praxnoism", which is not a pizza, though it might sound appetizing, is a current that emphasizes the importance of artistically applying knowledge. Here, we believe that knowledge, when applied artistically, holds more weight, value, and effectiveness than knowledge gathering dust on the theoretical shelf. Praxnoism sees art as the diving board into the pool of deep knowledge.

Exploring the new spirituality

We're on a mission to delve into this new spirituality anchored in the artistic practice of knowledge. We're after a reality where art holds equal importance to knowledge itself and where the latter is a dynamic entity, ever-evolving, hand-in-hand with science and other methodologies that allow us to cruise through reality with fewer bumps.

The touch of humor in Praxno

But we're not all business here, we make room for some fun. We'll wrestle with complex topics such as truth, duality, integration, reality, life's meaning and purpose, emotions and feelings, art, evolutionary theory, human nature, religions, philosophy, and psychology. Still, we always strive to do so with a sense of humor.

Technology in Praxno

As the cherry on top, I'll add that we harness the latest technology, including artificial intelligence and Large Language Models (LLM), to conjure content and ideas. Some of the paragraphs crafted on these pages might be the work of an LLM, but they're always inspired, read, pondered, and edited by us humans, who do this with a whole lotta love. We see LLMs as an extension of our ideas, amplifiers of our message.

So, kick back, relax, and dive headfirst into this Praxno universe, where knowledge and art shake hands, and a smile always lurks around the next corner!

The Praxno Community

And like a fine wine that keeps the best note for the finale, at Praxno, we're ready to kick it up a notch. We're eager to stitch together a warm and dynamic community to trade these ideas and much more. Because we know that knowledge, much like a good Rioplatense asado, is best when shared. So strap in for an idea exchange as lively as a tango on a Buenos Aires street corner! Welcome to the whirl of praxnoism!