Have you ever felt lost in the vast and abstract concepts that govern religions? Have you felt that spiritual guides speak a language that seems more magical than real? Welcome to a new dawn in spirituality, where we seek to redefine religion from a holistic perspective, centered on the earth and the tangible, on the truths that lie within us and resonate with our humanity. Here, you won't be a sheep in the flock, but the artist of your own spiritual path, transforming your experiences, tensions, and truths into works of art that heal and liberate. Get ready to explore your capacity to generate your own healing experiences and reposition yourself as an active participant in your own healing journey.

El Sol del mediodía
"The Midday Sun": A bright and overwhelming sun at the center of the image, surrounded by shadows symbolizing oppression and lack of autonomy. In contrast, a person generating their own light and warmth, symbolizing the awakening to authenticity and personal power.

From Magical Fantasies to Earthly Truths

The history of religions is woven with threads of grand abstract concepts and magical truths, where the boundary between reality and fantasy seems to blur. We could say that, at times, metaphor takes on an almost excessive literality, leading people to act according to guidelines emanating from external figures, encouraging the pursuit of goals as lofty as they are unattainable.

This religious approach can be compared to the Midday Sun. Its light and warmth are so overwhelming that instead of nourishing us, it overwhelms us and forces us to seek shade. We forget, then, that we are capable of generating our own light, our own warmth.

El rebaño y la oveja convertida en artista
"The Flock and the Sheep Turned Artist": A flock of sheep grazing peacefully. In the center of the image, an unusual sheep that has embraced its uniqueness and become an artist. With a paintbrush in its hand, it brings its own work of art to life. This image is a powerful symbol of the transition from the passivity of the follower to the active creativity of the individual in their spiritual experience.

From the Flock to Individual Being: Autonomy in Healing

This religious paradigm has not only led to an abandonment of our ability to make individual decisions regarding our own growth and healing but has also promoted a disconnection from our power to generate genuine healing experiences. Thus, like sheep in a flock, we have allowed ourselves to be guided without questioning whether the pasture pointed out to us by the shepherd is truly nourishing us.

To overcome this condition, I propose a profound rethinking of what religion means: a commitment to a new way of thinking, feeling, and experiencing, Praxionism. It is a concept that recovers the values of ancient religions but focuses on the earthly aspect of our existence.

A New Approach: Praxionism

This new way of understanding spirituality puts front and center the narrower and personal truths that dwell within us. These truths are debated and tensioned on the board of our being, repositioning us as active subjects in our own healing. We can visualize it as a sunrise: the light is not overwhelming but gentle and welcoming, allowing us to appreciate our surroundings and ourselves with renewed clarity.

La escultura de las sombras
The ability to transform our shadows and shortcomings into expressions of beauty and compassion.

Rethinking the Role of Scriptures: The Artistic Experience

Let us consider sacred scriptures not as instruction manuals but as poetry seeking interpretation. This reinterpretation would allow us to truly discover their essence, stripped of the magical veil that has covered them for so long.

We must reconnect with our inner selves, uncover our own truths, and take the reins of our healing experiences. This practice of introspection and self-discovery is what I call "the artistic experience."

Art and Religion: A Healing Connection

Art is an expression of the inner self, a window to our intuition and deepest truths. Every brushstroke, every note in a score, every word in a verse is a manifestation of the unconscious trying to emerge into consciousness. It is in this act of "externalizing the internal" where the healing potential of art resides.

In this sense, Praxionism is itself a form of art. It will be up to us to decide what excites us, what fascinates us, and what makes us feel good. The responsibility lies with us to decide how we want to live our lives.

La danza de la libertad espiritual
"The Dance of Spiritual Freedom": A person dancing in the midst of a natural landscape, surrounded by vibrant colors and energy. The movements of the dance represent the liberation from traditional religious bonds and the pursuit of one's own free spirituality. This image symbolizes the celebration of spiritual freedom and connection with nature.

From Spectator to Artist: Activity as Commitment

Our task is to take an active stance on our spiritual journey, becoming artists of our own religious experience. We will not be mere spectators in the stands but protagonists on the stage of our lives.

Sculpting the Truth: The Artistic Transmutation of Our Shadows

To unfold our full potential, we must embrace all facets of our humanity. Our biological truth, the "dirty" and "beastly" part that constitutes us, should not be repressed but understood and transformed through art.

Like a sculptor facing a block of stone, we must turn that raw material, no matter how rough it may seem, into an expression of beauty. Only then can we have compassion for our own shortcomings and better understand others.

In summary, the new spirituality I propose is an invitation to explore our internal tensions without analytical filters and take responsibility for creating our own art that allows us to heal ourselves. This is undoubtedly the path to a spiritual revolution.